EtherCAT Solution

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EtherCAT Master Solution

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EtherCAT Master Control IC (EC-01M)

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EtherCAT Master Control Card

EtherCAT PCI-E Solution based on EC-01M

EC-01M is an EtherCAT Master Controller developed by NEXTW Technology Company. Host chips or devices can communicate with the EC-01M by SPI or USB interface. EC-01M provides an easy way to migrate the EtherCAT Master functions to the precise motion control applications.


 Supports maximum 40 EtherCAT Slaves
 Supports minimum 250us DC cycle time
 Supports DCM Master Shift mode
Ethernet MAC Controller
 100 Mbps data transmission
 Supports RMII interface
SPI Interface
 Supports full duplex slave mode
 MSB first transfer fashion
 Clock frequency up to 24 Mbit/s
USB Interface
 USB 2.0 HID-compliant device with on-chip transceiver

EtherCAT Slave Solution



 Multi-purpose EtherCAT module
 LED indicators for I/O status
 Supports EtherCAT Distributed Clock (DC)
 DI with 3,750 Vrms isolation
 DO with 1,500 Vrms isolation
 Quadrature encoder interface
 PWM frequency and duty cycle adjustable



  • ES-16I16O:        16ch Isolated DI, 16ch Isolated DO
  • ES-8I8O:              8ch Isolated DI, 8ch Isolated DO
  • AUX-2P2E2A:  2ch PWM, 2ch ENC, 2ch ADC
  • AUX-2P2E:        2ch PWM, 2ch ENC


Power Supply:  24 VDC

Communication:  EtherCAT  2 Ports

Cycle Time: 250us (min)


 DI:    16ch Isolated   1mA~50mA

 DO:  16ch Isolated  5~60V  0.5A~5A

 ENC:    2ch   32bit   20MHz

 PWM:  2ch   16bit   500KHz

 ADC:    2ch   12bit resolution